XL Projects

CEBU PHILIPPINES / Beach Club Resort _2021

LERICI (SP) / Piazza Garibaldi / Multifunctional Space_2019

LUNI (SP) / Luni Green Park_2019

TORRE DELLE STELLE (CA) / Torre Park_2018

CAGLIARI / P.P.P. to the historic center of Cagliari Castello_2012

credits: Ilaria Attuoni, IZI S.p.a e D’Apollonia S.p.a

RABAT / Ecofun park and sustainable city_2010

CAGLIARI / Sardinia fair Inernational Competition / Honorable Mention_2009

credits: Ilaria Attuoni (Capogruppo) Roberto Ariu, Andrea Bertassi, Davide Cossu, Rossana Galanti, Philippe Braun, Cristina C. Murphy, Maria Laura Orru', Luca Vallebona

TEHERAN / Benetton Designing Theran - Building  A and B_2009

credits: Roberto Ariu, Ilaria Attuoni, Andrea Bertassi, Keivan Chavoshbaran, Andrea Massa, Cristina Cassandra Murphy, Maria Laura Orru', Gianmario Serreli, Davide Cossu

COSTERAS / Argentiera (ss) And Giorgino (CA) - Building  A and B_2007

credits: Ludovica Tramontin (Capogruppo) Roberto Ariu, Ilaria Attuoni, Andrea Bertassi, Gabriele Antonino Coco, Andrea Massa, Cristina Cassandra Murphy, Maria Laura Orru', Mauro Soddu

SANT' ELIA (CA) / Local support for Concept Masterplan_2007

CAGLIARI / Landscape Quality, Interventions And Environmental Sustainability Of Urban, Building And Infrastructural Works / Honorable Mention_2007

MASSA CARRARA / Variante al RU_2007

VILLAFRANCA (MS) / Piano strutturale / RU_2007

MASSA CARRARA / Piano strutturale / RU_2006

CAGLIARI / Architecture And Water: Alternative And Sustainable Mobility Project On Water Exploiting The Navigable Canals From The Molentargius Park To The Airport Of Cagliari Elmas Passing Through The City Port And Recovery Of The Nervi Pavilion As A Node Of Intermodality_2002



L Projects

LERICI (SP) / Piazza Garibaldi / Commercial Reset_2019

DOHA United Arab Emirates / Residential Building_2019

DUBAI United Arab Emirates / Residential Building_2018

LERICI (SP) / Tennis Club_2018

CAGLIARI / BACK FIT Fitness Center_2018

CAGLIARI / Fitness Center_2017

LERICI (SP) Itinerant Tourism Project_2016

TORRE DELLE STELLE (CA) / Eat & More Multifunctional Space_2016

KIEV / Italian Design Shop_2015

SAN LORENZO YACHT / Backlite wall_2015

LUNI (SP) / Eco Village_2013


CAGLIARI / Multispace Shop_2010

SAN SPERATE (CA) / A'idu De Sonos_2010

MASSA CARRARA / R.T.A. And Golf_2007

ORISTANO / C.I.P.O. Shipyard_2003



 M Projects

COMO  / Boutique rooms /  Renovation _2020

LERICI  / Boutique rooms /  Renovation _2019

CAGLIARI  / Pharmacy /  Renovation _2019

LERICI (SP) / Piazza Garibaldi / Dehors_2019

DOHA / QATAR / Renovation _2018

CAGLIARI / Renovation and new building_2017

QUARTU LOC SANT' ANDREA / Renovation and new building_2015

CAGLIARI / Renovation_2015

CAGLIARI / Renovation_2015

CAGLIARI / Renovation_2014

CAGLIARI / New Building_2014

CAGLIARI / Renovation and new building_2013

PULA / Renovation_2013

CAGLIARI / Renovation_2013

SINNAI (CA) Renovation_2012

CAGLIARIRenovation and new building_2011

PULA (CA) Diffused Hotel_2010

SARZANA (SP) / Renovation_2009

CAGLIARI / Renovation_2008

SARZANA (SP) / LUCA'S BOX / Renovation_2007

LUNI (SP) New building_2007

QUARTUCCIU (CA) / Renovation_2007

credits: Roberto Ariu, Ilaria Attuoni, Luca Vallebona

VITERBO (RM) New Building_2006



S Projects



GARDEN ZEN / _2018

EAT & MORE / furnishings_2016


TRA/me / Flat light_2015

WALLPAPER / With Roche Bobois_2015 

EDEN ROCK / Swimming Pool_2012


CHATWIN PRIZE / Graphics and Design_2000/2010




 BRUCE CHATWIN "Il Viaggio Continua" / Museum and graphic layout / CASTELNUOVO MAGRA_2017

MARIO DONDERO "Omaggio A Praga, Sulle TracceDi Utz" / Museum and graphic layout / CASTELNUVO MAGRA_2017

BRUCE CHATWIN "Che Ci Faccio Quì" / Museum and graphic layout / Palazzo Ducale / GENOVA_2009

SUQ Loggia Dei BAnchi / Museum and graphic layout / GENOVA_2009

MARIO DONDERO "Omaggio A Praga, Sulle TracceDi Utz" / Museum and graphic layout / Palazzo Rosso / GENOVA_2008






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