M Projects

COMO  / Boutique rooms /  Renovation _2020

LERICI  / Boutique rooms /  Renovation _2019

CAGLIARI  / Pharmacy /  Renovation _2019

LERICI (SP) / Piazza Garibaldi / Dehors_2019

DOHA / QATAR / Renovation _2018

CAGLIARI / Renovation and new building_2017

QUARTU LOC SANT' ANDREA / Renovation and new building_2015

CAGLIARI / Renovation_2015

CAGLIARI / Renovation_2015


CAGLIARI / New Building_2014

CAGLIARI / Renovation and new building_2013

PULA / Renovation_2013

CAGLIARI / Renovation_2013

SINNAI (CA) / Renovation_2012

CAGLIARIRenovation and new building_2011

PULA (CA) Diffused Hotel_2010

SARZANA (SP) / Renovation_2009

CAGLIARI / Renovation_2008

SARZANA (SP) / LUCA'S BOX / Renovation_2007

LUNI (SP) / New building_2007

QUARTUCCIU (CA) / Renovation_2007

credits: Roberto Ariu, Ilaria Attuoni, Luca Vallebona

VITERBO (RM) / New Building_2006

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